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Birkenstock: Not Just for Hippies Anymore

The Shoes of Free Spirits

Dating all the way back to the 1770’s, Birkenstock was born to withstand the test of time. With orthopedic foundations, the classic shoe brand embodies premium functionality, high-end craftsmanship, and uncompromising quality. At the start, the Birkenstock founders knew that their goal was to offer optimal range of movement and provide great support at the same time.
Birkenstock’s transition into an iconic fashionable brand originated in the 1960’s when hippies first discovered the true comfort of the shoe. The orthopedic shoe thrived among the wellness-conscious consumers! By the 70’s anyone who considered themselves a hippie owned a pair of the enjoyable sandals. Hippies could not get enough, the open-toed spirit, the functionality and stylish qualities of the Birkenstock sandals offered a level of freedom that had not yet been introduced in American shoe culture. By the late 90’s Birkenstock sandals were seen on every popular runway model and actress, from Kate Moss to Madonna. As the admiration for the sandals grew, so did the company. Expanding past sandals, Birkenstock branched into clogs, fur-lining, and more.

A Laidback Lifestyle

Today, Birkenstocks can be seen on runways in Paris or on the streets of New York. The effortlessly casual look of the comfortable sandals embrace more than just looks, they embrace a laidback lifestyle. The fur-lined Birkenstocks have become a symbol of casual street style, making the shoe the ultimate sandals for running errands, or going out with friends. Level up to the laidback lifestyle of Birkenstock sandals. 

Feel truly confident when you slip into a pair of slides, or have all eyes pointed at you when you step on the streets with your Birkenstock classic clogs and messy hair. Embody the effortlessly, chic look of the classic Birkenstock shoe.



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