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The North Face in Syracuse

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About The North Face

The North Face is named after the coldest, most unforgiving side of the Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. While North Face is known for assisting its customers to achieve incomprehendable heights, their story began at a much lower elevation. On a beach in San Francisco, in 1966, two adventure enthusiasts made the decision to follow their dreams and open a mountaineering store. Since the beginning of the brand, they were dedicated to serving all who had a desire to explore and adventure into nature, all while contributing to conserving nature.

Through the 1960’s The North Face brand began to sponsor outdoor athletes and expeditions, thus leading to the launch of their infamous slogan, Never Stop Exploring.

By the 80’s The North Face was taking their brand to explore the ski realm.

The outdoor brand expanded their products to adhere to the needs of extreme skiwear and the skiing world. With the addition of ski products. The North Face became the only supplier to offer skiwear, sleeping bags, tents, packs, and high-performance outerwear in all of the United States. In the next decade The North Face broadened its view of helping athletes explore by launching one of the brand’s most iconic collections, Tekware. The innovative brand branched out to rock climbers, hikers, trail runners, backpackers, and all  around outdoor enthusiasts.

Today The North Face is the world’s top outdoor brand with athlete-tested, and expedition-proven products that push the limits of human potential to explore.


The North Face in
Syracuse, New York

The North Face brand has achieved global recognition for its innovative and adventurous developments. While globally known today, a brand cannot achieve world acknowledgement without first taking on the city of New York. New York has always had a deep love for The North Face. Back in the 90’s the infamous outdoor brand branched onto the New York scene through a hard-core following in urban areas. While The North Face provides inventive and fantastic quality products, the style and design of the company skyrocketed them to success on the streets of Syracuse.

Today The North Face Syracuse is frequently associated with casual streetwear. The North Face unintentionally was made to thrive in all of Syracuse, and all of New York. The outerwear brand has made not only an impression on the world, but is now a genuine part of New York culture. Shop The North Face Syracuse online and in store!

Why J-Michael for The North Face?

The North Face is committed to giving its customers the best, premium products on earth without harming mother nature in its process. As an outdoor company, it is important to The North Face Syracuse to make sure they are taking an initiative in contributing to the minimization of environmental damage.

At J-Michael, we make sure that each of the companies we distribute align with our values. The North Face Syracuse is stacked with North Face products that will meet your needs; whether that is style and everyday wear, or adventure and functionality. We have the North Face Syracuse product for you.

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