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About Goodr

Goodr was formed after one grown man looked in the mirror for way too long. One day founder Stephen Lease was looking at himself before a run and noticed how he literally looked like the world’s largest tool. With his lame running gear and dorky shades, Lease had realized he hit rock bottom. That’s when the avid runner thought of the opportunity to create sunglasses that were cheap, stylish, good-quality, and functional. So, Lease rounded up some friends and took a shot at his sixth attempt to start a company; in March of 2015, Goodr was born. 

The super sunglasses brand launched on the basis of the four ‘Fs’, fun, fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable.

All polarized. No slip. No Bounce. 

The first two years of business were spent keeping Goodr up and running.

After persistent dedication to the sunglass brand, Goodr collaborated with major global corporations like The Rolling Stone, PBR, Warner Brothers, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Goodr has expanded to global lengths. With more than 2,500 store fronts in over 20 countries, the high-quality sunglass brand has triumphed in both the running and fashion industry. Now having accomplished several product awards including GQ Fitness Award, Women’s Health Fitness Award and the Runner’s World Gear of the Year three times, the global sunglass brand is getting wild press coverage. Today, the sunglass company sells through 1,400 retail accounts over 500 countries, with one million pairs of shades sold, and still counting

As founder Lease says, Goodr does not just sell eyewear, but they sell fun.


Goodr in
Syracuse, New York

Goodr broke into the running industry by defying tradition. Instead of following their competitors, the global sunglasses company took a different approach and appealed to their consumers through a comical, sarcastic marketing strategy. By remaining funny and authentic, Goodr Syracuse has managed to dominate the sunglass running industry.

Goodr knows that New Yorkers spend a lot of time outside, walking or getting free exercise by going on runs. The super sunglass brand successfully developed shades that look good, protect the eyes, do not bounce while running, do not slip from sweat, and are affordable. Goodr Syracuse is dedicated to providing all its consumers across the world with premium quality sunglasses for running the streets of New York, or simply walking around the neighborhood. Goodr Syracuse is committed to creating a lifestyle, not just a brand. So every time you put on your shades, you are unleashing your inner runner.

Why J-Michael for Goodr

J-Michael is all about providing its customers with the greatest products and best shopping experience. They not only create luxury level running shades, but dedicates time to giving back. With each purchase of Goodr Syracuse sunglasses, they donate one percent of their annual gross sales to various environmental nonprofits. Including charitable corporations like Protect our Winters, Pandas International, California Wildlife Center, Coral Reef Alliance, and NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue.

That’s why J-Michael is proud to align ourselves with a corporation that is as dedicated to environmental causes, and serving the community as we are. Shop all Goodr Syracuse products as J-Michael, online or in-store.


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