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About Olukai

Created with the cultural beauty and fondness of Hawaii, founders Bill Worthington and partner Matt Till launched the unique footwear line Olukai. They embody Hawaii’s rich history and celebrates the spirit of “Aloha” to authentically tie the brand to the island culture. The name Olukai is an exact representation of the brand image, Olu meaning “comfort” and kai meaning “ocean,” embodies the true nature of the inspiring footwear brand. Founders Worthington and Till were influenced by their love for the sandy beaches and oceans. During the cheap flip-flop craze, they craved comfort when they launched their Wet Sand Principle. The Wet Sand Principle recognizes the enticing way that the foot morphs into wet sand.

The sand simply supports the heel and arch of the foot while dispersing the shoes to achieve everlasting comfort.

Today, Olukai makes not only sandals and flip-flops but shoes, boots, and slippers for both men and women.

The comforting footwear brand uses full-grain and nubuck leather for their design looks, texture, and breathability. The water-friendly shoes employ fast-drying materials to uphold an active, aquatic lifestyle. 

While many are drawn to them for their inventive approach to footwear, others are drawn to their everlasting dedication to the environment. Since the creation of Olukai in 2006, they have been placing their company focus on giving back to Hawaii in efforts to preserve the culture, environment and heritage

As a B Corp. certified brand, Olukai prioritizes quality, long-lasting products that minimize the environmental footprint.


Olukai in
Syracuse, New York

If we as New Yorkers understand one thing, it is pride. They encourage an impeccable sense of community through honoring their traditions and caring for the preservation of their homeland. With at least a fourth of the year hitting temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, let your toes breath while you navigate the New York streets. Olukai Syracuse not only carries the classic, comforting Wet Sand flip-flops for your stay in the summer or tropical vacations; but Olukai Syracuse also carries all of the premium footwear, boots, shoes, and slippers. Making Olukai Syracuse the perfect location to acquire all your new favorite shoes.

With anatomically contoured footbeds, and chic leather tones, Olukai ensures lasting support and comfort for every occasion. Founders Worthington and Till’s goal was to create a shoe that met both casual and luxurious occasions. Thus, making Olukai Syracuse the perfect shoes for every event.

Why JMichaels for Olukai?

JMichaels’ priority is to ensure high-quality products that meet the same values and ethics of the JMichael standard. Olukai has always been dedicated to giving back to its community and preserving the well-being of the environment. This is displayed through the Ama Olukai Foundation that is dedicated to the conservation of Hawaiian culture and traditions.

They have been officially labeled as a Certified B-Corporation, meaning the luxury footwear brand upholds a higher standard of social and environmental accountability and performance. JMichaels is honored to be your favorite Olukai supplier as the company as a whole shows ethical perseverance and loyalty to its origins.

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