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About Vans

Beginning in the 1960’s, The Van Doren Rubber Company, more formally know as Vans was created from the curious minds of the Van Doren brothers. With a simple concept in mind, the waffle sole and canvas material upper, the Van Doren brothers launched their first shoe, the Deck shoe. The Deck shoe fairly quickly gained traction with local skateboarders. The casual silhouettes and variety of cuts and shapes drove recognition of the brand through the skateboarding industry.

Over the course of Vans’ rise, the footwear brand achieved attention from fans near and far. Skateboarding had branched out of the West Coast and traveled around the world.

By the 80’s and 90’s Vans embraced the skate scene and stemmed into the alternative genre

Through pop culture the iconic checkerboard slip-ons made their big-screen day view in the cult classic film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. With their global notoriety, they launched the Vans Warped Tour, tapping into the sonic explosion of alternative rock and punk pop culture.

The high fashion realm began its obsession with Vans through their array of collaborations with rappers, skateboarders, and more. Since then, the classic footwear brand has become a truly authentic staple in the wardrobe of millions.

With timeless design and a grounding history in skate culture, they have been able to travel the globe through providing customers with a fresh pair of sneakers, and unlocking a unique way for consumers to express themselves.


Vans in
Syracuse, New York

The iconic footwear brand, took to the streets of New York not on foot, but on four wheels. As skateboarding culture broke out of the West Coast and ventured to the corners all around the world. The high, enthusiastic energy of partying, transpired to the first House of Vans event space in Brooklyn, NY. The cult classic shoe company cultivated a culture around their products through collaborations with fashion icons like Frank Ocean, and Kanye West, to rappers like Kid Cudi and Travis Scott.

The rise of the alternative, punk decade struck gold on the streets of New York. Vans Syracuse is proud to carry on the skateboarding, alternative culture to JMichaels. With timeless pieces like the checkerboard canvas and waffle soles, you are able to recognize the brands footwear from a mile away. With friendly, affordable price points, shop your favorite shoes at Vans Syracuse at JMichaels online or in-store.

Why JMichaels for Vans?

Vans Syracuse’s mission is to “enable creative expression and inspire youth culture by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self.” JMichael, is proud to be your go-to supplier of all Vans products as we encourage all of our consumers to be creative, being yourself, and encouraging improvement on the lives of others. But, we, at JMichaels, don’t stop there. Environmental challenges are a big factor for us, which is why they set high sustainability goals to work on reducing greenhouse emissions and eliminating single use plastics on all packaging.

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