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How Patagonia Revolutionized the Clothing Business

The Birth of Patagonia

Officially created in 1973, Patagonia was founded on the foundation that they build the best products that cause no unnecessary harm to the environment, and use their company to implement environmental solutions. Founder Yvon Chouinard, embodied the iconic outdoor brands mission, when he first initiated the movement of ‘clean climbing’ to support raising awareness about how climbers can better take care of the environment. In the years passing, Patagonia branched into the outdoor brand we all know and love. Inspired by rugby shirts, Chouinard reinvented the climber’s uniform. With the stripes and bright colors, the groundbreaking outerwear apparel helped launch Patagonia to stardome.

Becoming Revolutionary

Since the start of the iconic outdoor company, founder Chouinard has made it a priority to ensure that Patagonia is contributing to environmental needs. With his love for the outdoors, it was important to maintain the well-being of our Earth. With that being said, since 1973 Patagonia has donated at minimum 10% of all their profits to grassroot organizations and environmental causes

If anything has been made clear, Patagonia is leading by example in the environmental industry.
But Patagonia did not stop there, the iconic outdoor brand broke into the fashion world with their striking ads and colorful designs. Through consistency in their vision, Patagonia’s bold colors helped them be one of the first outdoor brands to develop into casual streetwear. Seen on the streets of New York, Patagonia revolutionized outdoor apparel.

Continuing to Inspire

Today, Patagonia continues to revolutionize not only the fashion industry but the outdoor industry. Most recently, founder Yvon Chouinard, relinquished profits of the company; now declaring that ALL proceeds of Patagonia are directly being used to fight environmental challenges. With that being said, the outdoor brand has inspired millions of consumers and company owners to look inward, and ask themselves “What more can I be doing?”

As a brand that has shocked the world numerous times, Patagonia consistently remains authentic in their causes and driven in their missions to provide the best products for their consumers, and the environment.

JMichaels is proud to have Patagonia Syracuse as some of our top products. Patagonia Syracuse is a brand that devotes as much attention to appearance as it does to materials. Jackets on the hooks of JMichael are flying off the shelves, as the revolutionary bold colors and styles are a perfect fit for our inclusive and diverse demographic. We are honored to continue the Patagonia legacy in our stores.




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