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About Vineyard Vines

Brothers Ian and Shep Murray, spent every summer growing up on Martha’s Vineyard. Each year, the boys spent the long-lasting eight months waiting for their yearly trip to the vineyard. With visions of being the next Warren or Jimmy Buffet, the Murray boys quit their day jobs in 1998 to pursue selling ties. After running up $8,000 in credit card debt, the Murrays spent the summer of ’98 selling ties wherever they could. 

With the Silicon Valley casual style sweeping the nation Vineyard Vines though they were done for. However, consumers were not eliminating the look of ties, yet they simply wanted to make it worth it when they did wear ties.

In 2004 the company grew past just ties and opened their first store front in the only place that made sense, Martha’s Vineyard.
Vineyard Vines

Through building an apparel empire that rivals top brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, The Murray brothers built a brand by being fashion’s feel good guys.

 The laid-back vibe of Vineyard Vines creates the impression of a lifestyle. The founders don’t want to be known as a clothing company, but more known as a way of living. Today, they are known as the official style of the Kentucky Derby, and the look of simple, fashionable men everywhere. Expanding past ties, the apparel company offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories, along with their classic neckwear for women, men, and even children.


Vineyard Vines in
Syracuse, New York

Through dreams of bringing the good life back to work, they have become the staple of business casual everyday wear, for the golf course, country club, or the office. Their style has brought comfort to New York, starting through the Hamptons and working their way into the city. For every occasion, hot or cold weather, Vineyard Vines Syracuse offers comfortable, classic apparel.

Vineyard Vines Syracuse’s mission statement of bringing the good life to work, truly highlights the timeless apparel brand as a whole. Starting with the male demographic they provide fashionable apparel to get you from the office to the bars to have a good time with the boys. With the easily recognizable pink whale logo, the Murray brothers are taking the nation and globe by storm. Get their affordable pricing, and recognizable apparel Vineyard Vines Syracuse, at JMichael.

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JMichaels is excited to bring Vineyard Vines Syracuse directly to your front door. We not only know you will love the ultimate feel-good apparel brand, but know that no matter what you shop, you will have a wonderful experience with us at JMichael. We enjoy aligning with companies that share our core values at heart. We know that they make it a priority to look out for communities. Through contributing to multiple charitable organizations that look out for consumers and their communities. Vineyard Vines Syracuse’s goal is to always give back more than you receive. 

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