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About Blundstone

Dating all the way back to the 1800’s, Blundstone’s origin story starts with the Blundstone family in Hobart, Australia. Through inventory that was initially created back in England, the Blundstone family began selling their well-known boots. The famous footwear brand rapidly rose to notoriety into the early 1900’s. Once World War I began Blundstone lent a helping hand by enlisting supplies for the Australian Army. Throughout the decade Blundstone continued to be an official supplier for the country’s army. The innovative design of cleated sole boots carried through to the everyday work force.

The army-issued design launched Blundstone into the blue-collared society with their specialization of steel toe, heavy-tread, and heat-resistant styles.

Throughout the decades the iconic footwear brand transitioned away from stitch on and cemented soles to boots made from vulcanized rubber

Thus, leading to the creation of the footwear brand’s most famous shoe to date, the iconic 500s. Combined with the comfortability of a Chelsea boot and the strength of an Australian boot, the laceless shoe does not tear on rough foliage or rocky terrain. Blundstone’s popularity sky-rocketed in the 90’s with the ever-growing popularity of a chunky boot. Through ongoing research and advancements, Blundstone has been able to create consistent growth in protection, performance, comfort, and aesthetics. Today, the timeless footwear brand has become a world-wide phenomenon all the way from their acclaimed elastic-sided boots to their lace-up safe footwear. 

The Blundstone name has taken the footwear industry by storm.  


Blundstone in
Syracuse, New York

Both ugly enough to be cool and sturdy enough to withstand any weather that comes its way, these boots have made their name from New York City to Syracuse. With a prominent record of creating the popular boot company has made a solid reputation for themselves with the iconic 500s boots. The ankle high, elastic panels allow the boots to offer immaculate comfortability and safety from possible snow.

Blundstone Syracuse is proud to offer the people of New York, and the nation an insanely functional, and versatile boot that is perfect for any occasion. The waterproof material makes the ultimate boot for rain and shine. Dress them up for formal, going- out attire, or dress them down for everyday work. With sensible prices, you will not find a more affordable, high-quality boot. Shop Blundstone Syracuse, in-store at JMichaels, or shop online for nationwide shipping. 

Why JMichaels for Blundstone?

JMichael’s makes it a promise to all its customers to provide the best products made. Each boot is produced with a comfortable footbed, sole protection, and high-quality, durable leather.

 JMichael is proud to align our company with brands that share our values. Blundstone Syracuse prioritizes; family first, as the footwear company is a family business, listening to their consumers, never ending research in the best designs possible, being a contributing member to the communities, and to ethically behave with integrity and honor. Get your new favorite pair of boots for every weather and every occasion and JMichael, in-store and online.

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