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A Look Through the Lens

Ray-Bans through the Decades

Born in the great state of New York in 1936, Ray-Bans launched their first pair of aviation ‘anti-glare’ lenses designed to protect the eyes of the U.S. Aviation American pilots. By the second World War a photo of General Douglas MacArthur sky rocketed the Aviation glasses to fame, even gaining popularity with the French Army. In the 1950’s Ray-Ban came out with a new Wayfarer model which boosted sales after consumers saw James Dean wearing them in Rebel Without a Cause and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Through the following decades, Ray-Bans became the sunglasses of stars, with the most famous ‘ambassadors’ of the lenses being icons like Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Tommy Lee, and many others. After launching a variety of shapes and sizes, Ray-Bans has remained at the top of the charts since they were first made. Making it illegal to sell fake Ray-Bans in the United States. Punishable by up to a $25,000 fine and a possible imprisonment of up to 20 years. Today Ray-Bans can be seen on stars like Beyonce, Hailey Beiber, David Beckham, and Natalie Portman; and recently featured in top-rated movies like Wolf of Wall Street. With the ever changing trends of the fashion industry, Ray-Bans has proven to remain timeless, authentic, and a true expression of freedom.

Hitting the Streets of New York

With being founded in Rochester, New York, Ray-Bans have remained a symbol of expression and unique design. By being at the top of the trending charts for decades, the classic sunglass brand has embedded themselves into pop culture history. From making headlines in cult-classic films, to walking the Met Gala today, the star-studded look was born to walk the streets of Syracuse, New York. We, at JMichael, are filled with New York pride and honor to be able to keep the tradition of Ray-Bans sunglasses alive.



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