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About Birkenstock

Birkenstock is not just a shoe, but a lifestyle. The global shoe brand attracts consumers from all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds, and genders. Birkenstock had a clear vision from the start, foot health. The company’s shoe making tradition dates all the way back to 1774. With orthopedics in mind Birkenstock strives for premium functionality, high-end quality, uncompromising craftsmanship, and the finest product experience. Birkenstock delivers these values in each shoe. 

The idea behind the Birkenstock shoe feeling is a vast knowledge of the natural anatomy of the foot. The goal is to offer ample freedom in range of movement and good support at the same time.

The Birkenstock footbed is the picture of perfection when thinking of support for the body’s natural walking and standing.

With the awareness that over half of all Germans are wearing shoes that do not fit properly, Birkenstock makes proper fitting to each of their customer’s feet a priority. To ensure a good fit for healthy feet begins at the foundation of the shoe. This is why Birkenstock offers two widths, as they know not all feet are the same. The options of normal and narrow provide an anatomically perfect footbed that molds to the natural shape of their consumer’s feet. In addition, each shoe includes adjustment options for optimal comfort. 

The Germany based brand is sold in over 100 countries. Birkenstock provides a variety of not only sandals, but closed shoes, work shoes, socks, bags, belts, and products for orthopedic shops.


Birkenstock in
Syracuse, New York

Shoes are made to be durable, sustainable, and crafted to perfection. They are a home for your feet. Birkenstock Syracuse embodies design, lifestyle, health and wellness, and image. While all of these combined describes Birkenstock, there is one word that trumps all other, simple. At the heart of Birkenstock is a simplistic soul that’s main purpose is to make really great, quality shoes. Since 1774, Birkenstock has outlived trend after trend. Eventually coming back into fashion, making Birkenstock a staple in every closet. With millions of pleased consumers around the globe, the German shoe company is the embodiment of comfort. 

Birkenstock attributes their success to the family dedication of orthopedic-inspired, iconic shoe-making. A wealth of multiple centuries has been cultivated from generation to generation. Like the pride of New York, Birkenstock is a family business. Which is why J-Michael is proud to be the supplier of Birkenstock Syracuse.

Why J-Michael for Birkenstock?

Our main goal at J-Michael is to distribute products that will make our consumers’ lives better. Each of our products that we sell in store and online are well made, durable and with good care, will last forever. Birkenstock’s premium quality is a direct reflection of thoroughly selected, high-quality raw materials that are from sustainable sources. Birkenstock’s products promote well-being and a comforting lifestyle.

J-Michael knows that environmental protection is a pivotal factor to its consumers, which is why we are a proud Birkenstock carrier. We applaud Birkenstock for always making sustainability a top priority. Birkenstock Syracuse is functional, fashionable comfort designed for all.

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