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The Story of the North Face Clothing Brand

Never Stop Exploring 

Before North Face, backpacking almost ceased to exist. The idea of camping was accomplished solely through packing and lugging all your equipment. When North Face arrived on the scene in the 1960s, the outdoor brand provided a new way for people to explore. 

Founded by Douglas and Susie Tompkins, North Face began on a sunny beach in San Francisco when the couple decided to open a mountaineering store. Specializing in outdoor equipment and apparel, North Face took the outdoor industry to new heights. However, this wasn’t just any outdoor brand, North Face dove into the 1960’s culture booking the Grateful Dead for a set at their shop. If you weren’t a fan of North Face yet, you were about to be.

Throughout the years, the iconic outdoor brand sponsored a range of athletes and expeditions, and expanded their products with their consumers. From providing supplies for the U.S. Marine Corps to engaging customers with their rock ‘n roll outdoor lifestyle, North Face continues to inspire and innovate all.

The Dome

The famous North Face logo was not just some abstract design. Founders, Douglas and Susie Tompkins originally started off as Mountaineering Guides, giving tours throughout the Californian mountains. The popular North Face logo is actually the Half Dome located in Yosemite National Park. The North Face name comes from the fact that the north face of the Half Dome is facing the northern hemisphere, and is colder due to the lack of sunlight it receives

North Face continues to place intention and thought into all of their designs, now offering skiwear, tents, sleeping bags, and high-performance outerwear all across the United States.

Reaching New York 

While globally known today, North Face achieved notoriety through the great state of New York. In the 90’s North Face stepped onto the scene through a hard-core following in urban areas. Today, North Face can be seen in all parts of New York from New York City to Syracuse; North Face has a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers. Which is why we, at JMichaels, are proud to bring North Face to Syracuse. 



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