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About ON Running

Born in the Swiss Alps in 2010, a love for running brought former professional athlete Oliver Bernhard and his friends, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti together.
Their mission, develop a running shoe that has a range of fully engineered, latest technology to create the ultimate running shoe to ever come out of Switzerland. A month after the development of On Running’s first shoe, the brand won the ISPO BrandNew Award for their innovation in sports. 

Within the following eight years, On Running has been seen as the favorite shoe of Olympic athletes, Oscar award winning actors, and Ironman champions.

Today, On Running maintains their inventive status through the company’s expedition to keep inspiration flowing.

Acknowledged by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), On Running, was published for scientifically proving that their running shoes drastically reduce pulse rates and blood lactate levels. As a direct result of their superior performance wearing technology, On Running has become one of the fastest-growing communities in the running world. The top running shoe company has now expanded to over 3,500 specialty running shops in over 50 countries around the globe. The running shoe brand partners with the Flow Research Collective and a small handful of imaginative thinkers from around the world to brainstorm and develop new ideas.  

Through their five guiding spirits, the explorer, athlete, team, survivor, and positive spirit, On Running strives to create products that are not only beneficial for the running realm, but the planet as well.


On Running in
Syracuse, New York

On Running’s first flagship retail store front opened in December right here in New York. Putting the latest technology in the front of the store, showed consumers that this was not just any running shoe store operation.  With a simple three second run, On Running monitored consumers feet movements to cultivate a personalized experience of picking out the perfect running shoe. 

When COVID-19 struck, On Running’s concern for their first storefront rose. However, the pandemic did just the opposite. With people being secluded to their homes, walking and running became a daily ritual for many. On Running’s brand continued to thrive during hard times in New York. Thus, making On Running Syracuse, and in New York as a whole, a memorable moment for not only the brand, but On Running consumers everywhere. On Running Syracuse is proud to give access to the ever innovating, and quickly rising shoe brand.

Why J-Michael for On Running?

With a successful history right here in New York, J-Michael is proud to continue On Running’s ongoing legacy in Syracuse. J-Michael is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, most innovating products to all its consumers. We believe that with the top quality products, also comes great responsibility.

On Running reduces their overall environmental footprint through their use of eco-friendly and circulatory materials. J-Michael is excited to be your new supplier of the top-rated, running footwear brand; as On Running Syracuse is not only dedicated to the environment in their efforts, but also keeping their growing and inventive legacy right here in New York.-

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