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The Best Outerwear for Syracuse Winters

As New Yorkers, we know how to handle the cold.

A fourth of each year, Syracuse hits an average low temperature of 18 degrees fahrenheit and an average high of 32 degrees fahrenheit. But that’s not all, the tip of the iceberg is that Syracuse is known as the snowiest city in the United States, averaging 127.8 inches of snow each winter season. 


With that being said, no one knows how to handle the brutal winters better than Syracuse. Which is why, we at J-Michaels provide the best-quality, and range of winter jackets to all of our consumers, pick from brands like Canada Goose, Patagonia, Save the Duck, or The North Face. Each providing a different appeal, ensuring you are going to find your perfect winter jacket!

Canada Goose

Originating in Canada, the Canada Goose brand knows cold winters. Made to withstand temperatures as low as -22 degrees fahrenheit, Canada Goose is manufactured to perfection. We recommend Canada Goose for the luxurious, sustainable shopper. From their undyed and recycled fabrics, to their reclaimed fur interlining. You are sure to look chic and stay warm in any Canada Goose jacket.


If you have yet to hear of Yvon Chouinard, we are happy to be the ones to introduce you. Chouinard founded the famous Patagonia brand. Why should you care? He has not only made a name for himself through the outdoor company’s stylish apparel and quality outdoor products; but he has recently given all the proceeds of Patagonia to help fight environmental challenges. Patagonia is designed for the adventurous activist that lives in all of us. 

Save the Duck

Founded in 2012, Save the Duck is our youngest outerwear brand. However, Save the Duck is not to be overlooked. Made with their inventive Plumtech© polyester padding, each jacket is created with a fluffy effect and thermal lining benefits. Underneath each warm coat lies the mission to better the world. Stemming from wanting to Save the Ducks, the outerwear brand is made for the high-end environmentalist.

The North Face

Stepping onto the New York scene through urban-areas, The North Face has become a fashion icon. Known for their innovation and adventurous spirit, the outdoor brand provides high-quality products for casual street style, or skiing through the mountains. Originating as a mountaineering brand, North Face has transformed the fashion scene becoming the uniform for athletes, expeditionists, or fashionistas. Never stop exploring J-Michaels endless options for a stylish winter.

The Best Brand for Winter?

While we can sit here and debate all day which is the best brand, the truth is there is no wrong choice. Whether you choose to be chic, adventurous, or stylish J-Michael has you covered. Take on the winter with confidence when you shop in store or online.



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