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About UGG

In 1978, Brian Smith made the trek from Australia to the sunny coast of Southern California.  With the dream of designing a product from his favorite material, sheepskin, UGG was born. By the 80’s, UGG turned into a lifestyle symbol of Southern California culture. Once gaining popularity through surf shops from Santa Cruz to San Diego, UGG was adopted by the fashion elite and taken to a global scale.

The famous brand began to reach small cities and infiltrate every level of society. Once winter approached, the UGG brand found its way into ski shops and towns from Aspen to Mammoth. From then on the brand embodied a relaxed, active lifestyle. Through growing the emotional connection, Smith achieved his vision. UGG builds their brand on their belief of empowering all people, the preservation of the planet, and crafting products that are made to last a lifetime.

The globally known company transcends fashion through innovating designs with premium materials.

While being a bold, provocative, and purpose-driven brand, UGG strives to create outside conventional means and carve their own path.

In 2016, the internationally successful company joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 9,500 participating companies. By being dedicated to honesty and transparency, UGG is devoted to working with expert partners in the field to direct positive change in the world, promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects, and make efforts in reducing environmental impacts. 


UGG in
Syracuse,New York

In the early 2000’s UGG was taking the world by storm. The global brand not only made sheepskin boots, slippers, clogs, and sandals, but was now becoming the fashion icon of casual luxurious style. Once gracing the pages of Vogue magazine they were labeled as the premium casual fashion being worn by celebrities all around the world. Founder, Brian Smith, achieved the goal of opening stores across the globe all the way from Paris to Shanghai.

Today, you can shop the famous company online or in stores right in Syracuse, New York. The history behind the explosion of the iconic brand makes its placement as UGG Syracuse the perfect place to be able to shop your favorite brand. The UGG Syracuse products combine the timeless craft of sheepskin and Italian shoemaking to give the luxurious feel of high end fashion. Make UGG Syracuse a staple in your closet. 

Why J-Michael for UGG?

J-Michael is proud to be your UGG supplier, as we believe that clothing and shoes are not only a piece of clothing but an emotional connection. We strive to give all of our consumers the best quality of products that match our values. Their mission of empowering all while remaining strong in efforts to minimize environmental damage are reasons why we are proud to stand by them as a company and as a lifestyle. There is an undeniable, honest feel to the brand and we at J-Michael’s want our consumers to always feel like they have that emotional tie.

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