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About Haute Shore

Founder Beth Zimerbort had a specific goal in mind when developing the Haute Shore bags. Zimerbort wanted to create gorgeous accessories that are cultivated for both the fashion world and budget conscious shoppers. The stylish accessory brand’s founder was inspired by her mother, who believed that every outfit could be complemented by an accessory. Whether it was a scarf, hat or handbag, Zimerbort’s mother knew that it was accessories that make an outfit.

Through this, Haute Shore’s founder was able to curate her own sense of style, which usually involved taking a pair of blue jeans and a simple white tee and adding a bold handbag or accessory to make the outfit stand out.

Haute Shore knows that in a world where women’s confidence and looks are constantly under a microscope, it is important to be able to step out each day and feel excited.

Each Haute Shore piece is made with giving women confidence in mind.
Today, they’ve grown to carry over a thousand different accessories ranging from their staple hand bag to cardigans, wallets, and more. Each bag has been thoughtfully crafted to fit the ideal needs of a corporate woman or an on-the-go mother. Through the use of lightweight neoprene each bag is waterproof. All of their bags have curated, stylish details like the interchangeable straps and mini bags inside that are perfect for any beauty or tech necessities.
When it comes to providing unique products to the handbag market, they carefully create products for fashionable, budget-friendly customers.

Haute Shore in
Syracuse, New York

For the consumers on the go, Haute Shore Syracuse offers a curated line of well-crafted neoprene accessories and handbags that give the perfect look for year-round and seasonal use. Known for their comforting colors and pop of camouflage, they have styles and patterns that its customers are sure to love.

With headquarters located right here in New York, they combine fashionable accessories for the budget friendly shopper. If you haven’t seen their bags before, you are in for a treat. Haute Shore Syracuse is dedicated to providing its customers with an unforgettable experience whether you shop in store or online.

Through their waterproof materials and interchangeable designs, Haute Shore offers styles devoted to making every woman feel confident each day. The women’s accessory brand features hand bag selections that are functional and versatile, ranging from their classic neoprene bag to their new ultra light puffer bags.

Why J-Michael for Haute Shore?

J-Michael is dedicated to only supplying products that align with our values and mission. Haute Shore, a women’s accessory brand is built on the foundation of promoting confidence among women. With media and societal pressure coming from every direction, it is hard for a woman to be confident in themselves. Each product Haute Shore Syracuse offers is designed with that in mind. For the functional on-the-go business women and the stay at home mom, they have the perfect handbag and accessories to brighten your day. We at J-Michael know that no outfit is complete without accessories.

Shop in person or online. No matter how you choose to purchase, we will make sure you have an awesome experience.

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