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Nordic Beach in Syracuse

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About Nordic Beach

On a hot summer day in Southern California, Nordic Beach founder, Marcus Bender, got inspiration. As the sun began to set, the hot California sun turned cold, and Bender  watched as a girl wrapped herself in a cozy blanket, thus giving him the idea for the company Nordic Beach. The goal of the beachwear brand was to create a comfy and snug feel of being wrapped up on a couch for the beach.

Each wrap is designed with stylishly soft, fluffy polyester with pockets on each side, and a hood to protect yourself from the sea breeze. With sleeves wide enough to fit over any clothing, the long cuffs keep any fabric out of the way.

Nordic Beach founder, cultivated the beachwear wraps to be comfortable enough to wear anywhere day or night.

The cozy, one-size-fits-all design works well over bathing suits or normal attire.

With over twenty years in the clothing industry under his belt, Bender constructed the Nordic Beach wraps to come in a variety of colors. Each item comes packages in a well-constructed zipper pouch that can be repurposed for a bag on the beach or to the mountains. 

The Nordic Beach products name derives from the idea of something cold, as in Nordic, with beach wear. The light and fluffy cotton candy classic fabric has made Nordic Beach a staple for beach apparel. Each product is 100% micro poly and simple to care for.


Nordic Beach in
Syracuse, New York

While designed in the state of California, Nordic Beach founder did not know that he created the perfect wrap for every New York occasion. Whether you are hitting the New York beaches in the summer or going up to the Hamptons for the winter, Nordic Beach Syracuse provides the fluffiest and coziest level of comfort for all its consumers. With affordable prices Nordic Beach Syracuse provides easy to care for products. Each Nordic Beach wrap is machine washable with its 100 percent micro poly material. With comfort as the main priority, you will never go cold with a Nordic Beach product.

Through their one-size fits all, the beachwear the hooded body wraps flatter every body type at every age. Perfect for those cold upper east coast beach evenings, Nordic Beach Syracuse is thrilled to offer you the ultimate shopping experience either online or in-store.

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With comfort in mind, JMichael is proud to be your new favorite supplier of all Nordic Beach products. JMichael knows that style and coziness are a main priority for its customers.

That is why we are honored to be an extension of the Nordic Beach brand. With caring customer service, and high-quality products Nordic Beach, is the perfect alignment for our company values. Versatile for day to night style, Nordic Beach Syracuse offers a wide range of colors and patterns. Get the best shopping experience of Nordic Beach products at JMichael. Shop in person or online for easy access to shipping nationwide.

Shop in person or online. No matter how you choose to purchase, we will make sure you have an awesome experience.

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