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About Timberland

While Timberland first made its presence known in 1973 with the introduction of the infamous yellow boot, the company dates a few decades prior, all the way to 1952. The founder, Nathan Swartz, originally bought half-interest in the Abington Shoe Company. Swartz worked his way to the top, to eventually buy out his partner and turn Abington Shoe Company into a family business. 

After moving to Newmarket, New Hampshire, Swartz knew he wanted to find a way to build a shoe that can withstand any kind of weather condition. With the birth of the waterproof boots called the “Timberland,” a new standard was set for the footwear industry. The premium yellow boots became popular among outdoor enthusiasts who needed dependability in all conditions, professional blue collar workers who wanted rugged trustworthy footwear, and many others.

The boots were so groundbreaking they defined the entire brand. Thus leading Swartz to officially change the name of the company to Timberland in 1978.

Today, Timberland supplies its consumers with quality, durable looks from shoes, to apparel, to hats.

With versatile collections that reflect the Timberland heritage of functionality, craftsmanship, and image. They strive to equip people to make a difference in the world, through creating products that try to make a difference in the communities we all live and work in. 

Timberland’s determination to make quality products can be attributed to their devoted commitment to environmental and social responsibility, in regards to their products, the outdoors, and communities across the globe.


Timberland in
Syracuse, New York

Born to be a versatile phenomenon, the Timberland boot became an iconic staple in multiple communities. With the aspiration of giving power to thriving communities to motivate global change, one passionate voice at a time, Timberland Syracuse supports building stronger communities through skilled trades and service. Since the boots first came to New York, their popularity sky-rocketed. The iconic yellow boot walked its way through the streets of New York, gaining notoriety in urban areas. Working its way up the shoes found themselves connected to many popular 90’s hip-hop icons.

Each product since the original boot, focuses on creating ground-breaking products that are both environmentally-conscious and long-lasting. Syracuse is proud to be supplying and contributing to the ultimate success of the company that prioritizes strong communities and making the world a better place. Shop all your favorite durable products at the Timberland Syracuse location.

Why J-Michael for Timberland?

With the long and impressionable history Timberland has had in New York as a whole, J-Michael is proud to be your new trusted supplier of all Timberland products. We are honored to be a part of a company that not only designs innovative and reliable products, but a company that promotes a greener future for the communities around us. Timberland Syracuse is a dedicated supporter of Timberloop, an eco-innovative commitment to circularity through upcycling and refurbishing old pieces into new materials. Through J-Michael you can shop all Timberland Syracuse products in store or online. Ship to your door anywhere in the United States!

Shop in person or online. No matter how you choose to purchase, we will make sure you have an awesome experience.

Support your community and help make a change by purchasing all Timberland products at J-Michael!

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