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About Ray-Ban

The timeless, cult classic Ray-Bans was born in Rochester New York with the prototype known as the “Anti-Glare” in 1936. The innovative plastic frames and green lenses eliminated any glare without obscuring vision. During the first World War, the need for optical products increased, and Ray-Bans, having created the Anti-Glare, were needed by the military.

After gaining popularity through the Army Air Corps, Ray-Bans launched their technology to the masses in an aviator-style metal.
A Look Through the Lens

With that, the Ray-Ban brand was cultivated to be the iconic eyewear we know and love today.

Throughout the decades, Ray-Bans became the see and be seen sunglasses of a lifetime. Launching a variety of shapes and sizes they were able to adapt to each decade of style while remaining at the top of the sales charts. The premium quality frames, perfect fit, and protective lenses make the classic eyewear brand equal parts functional and fashionable. The infamous sunglass brand shot to stardom with a little help from the Hollywood scene. The classic shape is found in timeless films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rebel Without a Cause, Risky Business, and even in more recent films like Wolf of Wall Street. The iconic shades are seen at least once on almost every notable celebrity on and off the red carpet. 

With the ever changing trends of the fashion world, Ray-Bans has proven to remain timeless, authentic, and a true expression of freedom.


Ray-Ban in
Syracuse, New York

Originating right here in New York, Ray-Bans is a direct reflection of the New York reputation. With stylish and timeless shades, they withstood the depth of time coming up on top over and over. Ray-Ban Syracuse is dedicated to keeping this tradition alive. By offering classic shapes along with unique styles, you are bound to leave Ray-Bans Syracuse with a new outlook.

The rich history of the iconic eyewear brand has impressed itself into pop culture. From starring in movies from the 50’s to walking in the Met Gala today, you can create a star-studded look that is perfect for both casual and formal attire. Contributing to the never ending foresight of style, they permeate innovation and a trailblazing spirit. Ray-Ban Syracuse is thrilled to be a part of the timeless brand that works to be the leader in both sun and prescription eyewear.

Why J-Michael for Ray-Ban

J-Michael is honored to be your new supplier of the infamous eye-wear brand, Ray-Ban. While we support their mission of creating timeless style and authenticity, we are proud to stand behind a company that gives back to its community. Through One Sight Foundation, they help work towards creating sustainable access to vision care at a communal level.

Poor vision affects one in three people, Ray-Ban Syracuse can help aid the overall mission to help eliminate uncorrected poor vision among a generation. We at J-Michael make sure that their high-quality products are available in store for purchase and online for shipment nation-wide.

Shop in person or online. No matter how you choose to purchase, we will make sure you have an awesome experience.

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