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About Patagonia

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia has become a global outdoor brand known for its mission to build the best products, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to implement and inspire environmental solutions. With the name deriving from the mountain region in South America, the company gives ode to its mountain climbing beginnings. 

Patagonia’s story starts a decade before its official founding in 1964. Chouinard had a love for outdoors and specifically climbing, however there was never a product that he found met his needs. So, Chouinard partnered with Tom Frost and they began creating climbing equipment. The initial business was taking off, when the Patagonia founder learned that their products had harmful, irreversible effects on the rock surfaces.

Chouinard came up with a solution of producing less damaging equipment and initiated the movement of “clean climbing” to help raise awareness about how climbers could care for the environment.

This movement helped establish the Patagonia we all know and love today.

While Patagonia’s equipment continued to gain recognition, the outdoor brand branched out to its more known clothing. Based on rugby shirts, the outdoor brand apparel redefined climbing attire. Beyond remarkable products that consumers adore, their greatest strength is brand transparency. Founder, Chouinard, has made raising awareness and advocacy for environmental issues a priority. Since the start of the infamous outdoor company, Patagonia, has donated at least 10% of its profits to grassroot organizations, or environmental causes. 

Most recently, Patagonia has declared that all proceeds of the company are going to help fight environmental challenges.


Patagonia in
Syracuse, New York

Despite the globally dominating outdoor brand never participating in any external collaborations, they were able to break into New York fashion on their own! With their consistency, brand vision and transparency, they were still able to break into fashion and streetwear circles. With their credibility in quality products, Patagonia’s bold colors help push the brand to new heights.

Patagonia Syracuse is proud of the brand that devotes as much attention to appearance as it does to materials. Each warm jacket uses recycled polyester to create that feeling of being hugged. Patagonia Syracuse knows the jackets will fly off the shelves as the outdoor brand offers more than just jackets but a variety of apparel and outdoor equipment that is perfect for an inclusive and diverse demographic. One thing is clear, Patagonia is making an effort in being a leading example in both the fashion realm, and also the environmental realm.

Why J-Michaels for Patagonia?

Patagonia is a brand we have all grown up with- through our first jacket to our favorite fleece pullover- that’s why we at J-Michaels are proud to be your go-to supplier of the iconic brand. We appreciate the reliable display of transparency shown through their commitment to environmental efforts are inspiring. As a brand distributor, we make it a priority to provide honest brands for our consumers. We do not carry any brands that do not align with our values, which is why Patagonia Syracuse is proud to establish ourselves as your new trusted supplier.

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