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About Steve Madden

Madden got his first connection to the footwear industry in high school, working for a shoe store. The early experience began Madden’s interest in the world of footwear. After a decade later, the footwear industry leader, Steve Madden,  developed a deal with M.C.S Footwear in order to put his name on the shoes. 

With $1,000 to his name and one employee, Madden borrowed money from his friends and began manufacturing designs and selling them to contemporary Manhattan stores. Through this Steve Madden was able to form connections with designers like Jill Stuart and Betsey Johnson. 

By 1995, sales were upwards of $38 million and continuing to rise. 

Steve Madden shoes branched out into patterned loafers, heels, print platforms, and stilettos.In addition to shoes, Madden, expanded the brand to cotton t-shirts, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, outerwear, and even hosiery.

Steve Madden began to grow across the nation with 17 store fronts ranging from coast to coast.

By the 2000’s the well-known footwear brand began to branch into a younger female demographic, girls ages 10-16. This sky-rocketed the Steve Madden brand with over 50 stores in more than 15 states. With a few bumps in the road that followed, Madden was able to emerge with new ideas and a new found perspective.

As an inspiration for new trends everywhere. Steve Madden cultivated success by finding an untapped market and devoting research into it to create inventive products for needs that had yet been known.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden in
Syracuse, New York

Born and raised a true New Yorker, Steve Madden, created the iconic Steve Madden brand you know and love today. Beginning as a New York corporation the famous footwear company rose to fame. Madden had a vision in mind of cultivating high-end, luxury shoes at an affordable price for all women. He constructed the brand to embody the New York culture of trendy, edgy, and classy.

The popular shoe brand filled a massive demographic in the footwear industry at the time. Steve Madden is honored to apart of a brand with a long-standing, rich history in New York. With the beloved footwear brand branching beyond shoes, Steve Madden knows that no matter what you are looking for you will never leave unhappy. J-Michael is proud to give homage to the great state of New York, by providing all consumers with access to Steve Madden in-store or online with shipping nation-wide.

Why J-Michael for Steve Madden?

J-Michael is not only excited and proud to carry a true New York brand on our shelves, but happy to align with a brand that shares the same stance on ethical values. Steve Madden ensures individuality, teamwork, respect, passion, and responsibility are at the forefront of our minds.

The Steve Madden brand has transformed their impact on a communal and environmental level. Steve Madden not only contributes to multiple charitable organizations, but continuously works to integrate evolved materials into their packaging, reduce or at least offset their carbon footprint, and use reclaimed products. J-Michael is delighted to be your new favorite Steve Madden supplier.

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