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About Hoka

The name Hoka roughly translates to “fly over earth,” on its own it translates to “fly” or “soar.” The elite running shoe brand shapes its company on the idea of creating the feeling of flying when you run.

Initially created in France in 2009, Hoka emerged on the scene with their ‘maximal’ style running shoes. Growing fame for their engorged silhouette, their stabilizing oversized outer soles are crafted for all terrains. With each step the premium footwear provides cushioning through a thoughtfully engineered midsole to provide a smooth and efficient running shoe.

After being bought by the Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 2013, the footwear brand rose to success due to their shift on female focus. With the running realm being predominantly male focused, deciding to shift to a female fanbase radically diversifies the brand.

Hoka knows that once you gain the trust of the female community it is a ripple effect for all other communities.

The shift in focus supports Hoka’s wider purpose, to remain authentic in all capacities. Through the pandemic Hoka has risen to a wider stance showing support across the globe for ongoing political issues. Through their grassroot fans they are able to be fundamentally grounded in ensuring alternative narratives in supporting diverse ambassadors to reflect a contemporary vision of performance and active outdoor living.

Today Hoka is cultivated with problem-solving inspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness, and outdoor needs of all users. With the goal to empower all athletes, they continue to soar with innovation and passion.


Hoka in
Syracuse, New York

Hoka’s main priority is their consumers. Hoka Syracuse values learning and development opportunities that increase inclusivity and support for all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, sizes and every way we identify. Overall their investments are part of a major direct-to-consumer push in the footwear realm. Prior to the pandemic the running industry had been stagnant. Since the pandemic, people have shifted to prioritizing being active. With that being said, they have shifted their focus to an in-person store front with one of their first locations opening in New York.

The innovative footwear brand designed their location to create a personalized approach for the customers. With dressing rooms and high-quality technology, they ensure an experience that is crafted to  each consumer’s specifications. Hoka Syracuse is proud to host the woke and ever changing footwear company. Shop Hoka Syracuse in store or online at J-Michael.

Why J-Michael for Hoka?

J-Michael is thrilled to be your trusted supplier of another one of Deckers Brands. Hoka’s values embody J-Michael missions of being an inclusive and aware company. Through Deckers Brands, Hoka is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), who’s actions are focused on making sustainable products to reduce environmental impact.

Through supplying Hoka, we at J-Michael are providing access to environmentally responsible brands who work hard to reduce their carbon footprint and create products through sustainable materials. Not only are we honored to carry an environmentally conscious brand, but J-Michael is delighted to be associated with an inclusive and diverse reputation.

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