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The Story Of Canada Goose The Clothing Brand

Developed in 1957, Canada Goose has transformed their identity into an internationally ranked outwear icon.

 The luxury, extreme weather company contributes their success to remaining true to themselves and being authentic. Over the last 50 years Canada Goose has developed jackets that can withstand temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the go-to protection for indescribable cold conditions. Now, Canada Goose has expanded to locations in 12 different cities all around the world, including New York.

In 2020, Canada Goose released their all new purpose platform, HUMANATURE, valuing sustainable and humane initiatives.

Through their recycled fabrics, 100% responsibly sourced interlining, and reclaimed fur the luxury outerwear brand continues to pave the way for sustainable apparel. Their most recent new design emits 30 percent less of a carbon-based footprint.

Where They Are Now

Today, Canada Goose is now formally being sold stateside, right here in Syracuse, New York. Canada Goose Syracuse knows just how brutal our winters can get, which is why we made sure to only supply our consumers with the best quality apparel we can get our hands on! With temperature dips anywhere from 18 degrees to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, JMicahel understands the need for reliable outerwear. With abilities to shop online or instore you never have to go without Canada Goose Syracuse.

The luxury outerwear brand continues to make a name through New York, with a simple marketing tactic, word of mouth and emotional response. When you put on a Canada Goose jacket, you are never worried if  you are going to be warm enough, Canada Goose Syracuse has you covered. As Canada Goose continues to grow, we at JMichael are honored to be growing with them. As your trusted source for all Canada Goose products, we promise to make every JMichael’s experience one that you will never forget. Like Canada Goose, we are made to last. 



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